For Charitable Walks and Runs

Electric clothing to make your charitable events standout


Charitable Walks, Runs, and Marches garner attention to fundraise. TransThread Jackets turn heads.  When you turn on your jacket in a crowd something amazing happens – the groups energy becomes well electric.

If you organize or participate in outdoor charitable fundraisers then consider how TransThread jackets could add to your event.

Checkmark Machine Washable – just disconnect and remove the battery pack.

Checkmark High Quality Wickaway Polyester which great looking, durable, and a bit shiny!

Checkmark Mesh Liner to keep you warm while you walk

Checkmark Inside Key Pocket

Checkmark Custom Zipper-pull

Checkmark As seen on So You Think You Can Dance

Checkmark The first name and gold standard for quality EL Jackets!

Checkmark Made in the USA!

If you have an event that you think would be great for TransThread then you can always buy online or let us know how we can help you!  We’d love supporting charities so reach out and let us know that you will be rocking TransThread for your Fundraising Event!