Light Up Jackets for Dance Crews

Transform your dance team with Transthread dancewear apparel. Our light up jackets are the perfect dancewear solution for dance crews that want to revolutionize their costumes and choreography for performances and competitions. Double the possibilities for your team’s routines by turning the stage lights off and your light up dance jackets on.

So you think you can dance? Transthread jackets can’t make you a better dancer, but they will definitely help your dancing get noticed by boosting both solo and group performances. Transthread’s dance competition costumes were even featured on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance? Watch a video of the top 12 cast members of season 4 dance crew in their Transthread light up jackets during the show’s opening performance, to see how light up dance jackets look in action.

Hip hop and breakdancing jackets. Transthread’s strobe, pulse, and static-on settings match hip-hop beats and breakdancing classics to create memorable moves on the stage, dance floor, or street. And our hip hop wear is designed to stand out with or without the LED lights turned on, so you’re always dressed for both comfort and style, whether or not you’re dancing.

Competition dance costumes. Award-winning dance crews require top-of-the-line dance costumes for competition. Make your performance stand out from the competition with choreography that includes light up costumes. Transthread’s jackets have been worn by competitors for Hip Hop International, including Transthread’s sponsorship for the US Team led by Alan Phlex Kirk.


Live-performance jackets. Whether you’re a college dance team that wants light up costumes for memorable routines or a performance arts troupe that needs unique costumes for cutting-edge shows, Transthread’s dance wear solutions include over 100 light up jackets to revolutionize your live performance. High school glee clubs, cheer squads, and dance teams can all enhance their performances by integrating light up jackets into their shows.

Durable and easy to care for. Because Transthread’s light up jackets are designed for live performances, energetic dance moves, and everyday use, we’ve also created them with low-maintenance qualities in mind.

The LED lights and battery pack are extremely lightweight and carefully woven into the garment’s outer lining, so they don’t get in the way of your dancing. The control switch is easy to locate for light changes mid-performance.

These jackets can be washed daily with your other clothes by detaching the battery pack and placing the jacket inside a delicates bag, to avoid excessive twisting of the fiber optic light cables. Air dry your light up garment on a hanger or clothes line after washing.