Light Up Jackets for

Want to stand out as a dancer on the center stage? As a nighttime runner or biker for safety? As a sports fan to support your team?

Welcome to Transthread, where we specialize in light up jackets that are stylish, comfortable, and fun to wear. And one of the best things about Transthread jackets is that they’re durable and easy to care for, making your light up jacket practical for both everyday use and high-level activities like running, biking, and dancing.

Activewear: Transthread LED suits are classic, tracksuit-style jackets with a twist: they have LED lights running down the sleeves. The lightweight battery packs won’t slow you down, and they’re easily disconnected for machine washing. The colorful fabric and bright lights keep you visible and safe any time, day or night.

Dancers and Dance Crews: These jackets were literally built for performers to stand out and have even more options to visually express their style and have their routines stand out!  Whether you just want to stand out in a competition or down in history as doing something new – we’ve got your back, and we’ve got your fresh neon threads here.

Sports fans: Boost your team’s spirit with fan support they can see from the playing field. Transthread electric styles are warm, lightweight, and breathable, making them the perfect layer for spectator sports any time of year. The two-toned jackets match a wide range of local, regional, and national sports teams.

Streetwear: Illuminated clothing helps you get noticed, both for safety and for style. Whether you’re on stage, in a crowd, or on the street, Transthread jackets help highlight your moves and define your style. With four different settings, you can choose when, where, and how your outfit will illuminate.

Costumes: Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore. They help us dress the part to celebrate any event, by becoming part of it through culture and creativity. Whether you’re choreographing a dance performance, looking for a specific costume item like a Tron jacket, or creating your own unique costume for an event, a light up outfit is guaranteed to turn heads and get your outfit noticed.

Electric runners: The electricrun is sweeping the nation and participants are looking for bright and colorful ways to electrify their outfits. Transthread light up jackets provide the comfort and breathability of a regular running jacket, with lightweight LED lights sewn into the fabric.

How light up jackets work: The LED lights are protected by specially-designed fiber-optic cables, which are woven into the jacket’s outer fabric. The combined battery pack and control panel hides inside a pocket in the jacket lining, for easy access on the move: choose from strobe, pulse, static on, or off. At laundry time, the battery pack is easy to detach. Secure the garment inside a delicates bag—or just be careful to avoid tangling during washing—and hang to dry. There’s no dry cleaning necessary.