All about TransThread

TransThread is a DC-area apparel company that specializes in light up jackets and creative products. We’re best known for our innovative LED jackets that light up at night. When we started out in 2003, our mission was to do something different in the dance apparel scene, and our light-up innovations have transferred well to a number of other activities that all have one thing in common: the need for unique and eye-catching apparel that helps people express themselves through a fun and creative medium.


Our history: TransThread was inspired by a series of vivid dreams in which a group of dancers wore Tron-like jackets that lit up to hip-hop dance beats. The first TransThread jackets were created in 2003 to help draw attention to the visual performance of DJs and dancers, but soon caught on as a way for walkers, runners, and bikers to hit the streets safely at night.


Transthread today: Transthread isn’t just for hip-hop dancers anymore. Our dance wear solutions are now found on people of all ages doing a range of activities, including DJs, dance teams, spectators, sports fans, and nightowls. Because our light-up innovation pairs perfectly with music, it was a natural progression for our jackets to be adopted by nighttime runners and bikers for fun, fashion, and safety. Sports fans love Transthread jackets because they help them stand out from the crowd. Our jackets are made for anyone who wants to put a colorful and artistic twist on everyday outfits and events.


Our mission. Transthread wants to help you enjoy your favorite activities in light-up style. Our clothes draw attention to both your outfit and your performance, whether you’re dancing, exercising, cheering on your favorite team, or celebrating a good time.


The innovation. Transthread puts equal emphasis on style, comfort, and light-up technology. Our lightweight jackets have pulsing LED lights wrapped inside waterproof, fiber-optic cables, which are woven into the outer lining. The tracksuit-style jackets look great whether the light-up technology is in use or not, and the lights are easy to turn on and off whenever you need them. You won’t even notice the lightweight battery pack, and it’s easy to disconnect for washing or daytime use.


The experience. The best thing about Transthread jackets is the fun you’ll have. The light-up technology grabs attention and boosts the mood at sporting events, running and biking races, walk-a-thons, dance competitions, parties, and more.  People get excited, sometimes gather around, and even dance to the beat of your pulsing lights. Try wearing them roller skating, dance clubbing, or bowling. They make great uniforms for teams and keep runners and bikers safe at night. You can’t find much more than that in a stylish jacket.


The versatility. Transthread is activewear that’s perfect for any occasion, even when you’re just hanging out. Transthread jackets are lightweight, comfortable, easy to move in, and moisture wicking. They can be used as a warm-up jacket or lightweight outer layer and can also be worn comfortably underneath your winter coat. The jackets’ style speaks for itself, and the versatility of these babies make them perfect for any casual occasion.


Creative Products. In many ways Transthread is about expression, making visual art like our fractal posters a natural transition from jackets. Fractals repeat forever. Because they are really just mathematical sequences, the colors can be broken down into expressions like matching musical chords. Fractals may, in fact, be the graphic expression that begs the question, “can science be art, and where are the lines between emotion and intention?”